Anne Brugni - Metamorphosis


Mottled sausages, icy landscapes with worms that seem to have died trying to make it over hurdles, portals to impossible lands: welcome to the accidental world of Anne Brugni. Her workspace resembles a sort of paper autopsy gone wrong, with marbled organs, multicolored hides and strange texts scrawled in shaky brushed script scattered around. We are witnesses to a new sort of Frankenstein, who pieces all of these disparate parts together to create new creatures: joyful, perplexing, but always in the end, intriguing.

METAMORPHOSIS is a period piece of a work in progress, a cross section of ideas that eliminates a good quantity of works already made, and ignores the future. It is not a “best of”. The book itself is made in the same manner of the works displayed within: using instinct, not too much revision (but revision nonetheless) and just enough material to give a glimpse of a narrative without becoming redundant or conclusive. The primary question that the work makes us pose is: WHAT? What does this represent? What is this material? What is going on?

32 pages, 20 x 26 cm, saddle stitched / american dust cover, Shelter Press (France).