Composite Journal #1/2013 Jan Kempenaers


Published in conjunction with Perimeter EditionsComposite Journal delves into the work and life of a single creative practitioner per issue, teasing out the artist’s practice and its underpinnings from a diverse series of vantages, positions and perspectives. The inaugural issue traces the oeuvre of Jan Kempenaers, famed for his Spomenik series capturing former Yugoslavian war monuments, his various books through Amsterdam’s Roma Publications and his longstanding negotiation of the contemporary picturesque.

Composite Journal #1 is edited by Dan RuleNarelle Brewer and Justine Ellis, designed by Narelle Brewer and features contributions from Kyla McFarlane (Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne), Roger Willems (Roma Publications, Amsterdam), Melbourne-based British photographer Louis Porter and Dan Rule.

24 pages, 20 x 27cm, softcover, Perimeter Editions (Melbourne).