En Suspens


Published at the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Le Bal, Paris, this publication is a poetic, abstract, fragile attempt to translate something of our times: being in a state of suspension. It subverts the idea of a traditional catalogue to transcribe this intangible and indefinable state through a continuous stream of black-and-white images. Conceived by Bartolomé SansonDiane Dufour and Julie Héraut, the book borrows the simplicity of black and white fanzines and unfolds in a continuous stream of images, like a suspended trace of the works in the exhibition. Excerpts from Jacques-Henri Michot’s Un ABC de la barbarie — an inventory of media language clichés that contaminate everyday life — seep into its pages. Like a multitude of shards, images of the works featured in the exhibition oppose this desertion of words and thought. A gesture of resistance to immediacy, this publication is an attempt to give poetic form to the intangible. Thanks to Shelter Press (St. Martin). 

96 pages, 24 x 19 cm, softcover, Shelter Press (St. Martin).