Gaillard & Claude - Oompah, Tom-tom, Tootle-too & Toot


Oompah, Tom-tom, Tootle-too & Toot narrates the story of four members of an orchestra who animatedly chat during a break backstage at the Henry Le Bœuf concert hall in Brussels. Through gossip, arguments, and existential crises, they shake the axioms and notions of community, authenticity and happiness. Dialogues by Lili Reynaud-Dewar are illustrated by photographs realised by Kristien Daem. The sculptures depicted in the book are part of a larger corpus previously exhibited between 2015 and 2016 in 'Early Development of Calculus' at Etablissement d’en face, 'A Proper Orchestra is Fun for Everyone!' at Les Bains-Douches and 'A Finite Sum' at In extenso. Published by Shelter Press (St. Martin). 

48 pages, 28 x 22cm, softcover, Shelter Press (St. Martin).