ISOLATION STATION CAPSULE #01: Feminist Art Archives


As we all hunker down into some necessary social distancing, here at Perimeter we’re endeavouring to keep our customers, supporters and pals as close as (virtually) possible. Among some other new kinds of content, over the next few weeks we’ll be curating some great Isolation Station Reading Capsulations to keep you in the know of what we’re liking at Perimeter HQ, and hopefully provide some new sources of interest and entertainment in these very strange times!

Each of these titles are available for individual purchase through the web store, or as a specially priced bundle ($299 with free domestic shipping – which is more than $30 off).


Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms
Just published from the always-compelling Valiz (Amsterdam), Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms kicks off their new series ‘Plural’, which will concentrate on the intersections of identity, power and representation in artistic and cultural spaces. Focusing on a range of practices that constitute various locations and perspectives, Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms is a fantastic resource for both anyone looking to delve into art history and those interested in the contemporary state of feminist art practice. 

AA Women in Architecture 1917-2017
Published in 2017, AA Women in Architecture 1917-2017 celebrates the centenary of women’s admission to the Architectural Association in London. This volume looks at the progress of female students while attending the school and beyond, describing the various challenges and triumphs of the architects’ education and careers alongside examples of their work.

Clare Rae – Never standing on two feet
Melbourne artist Clare Rae’s performative self-portraits respond to the work of legendary avant-garde artist and writer Claude Cahun, whose archive of gender-ambiguous self-portraiture has helped cement the artist as a key figure in photography’s history. Rae’s photographs speak to Cahun’s visual and biographic history, while making new interrogations of the male gaze and the female body in space. A beautiful mix of landscapes, movement and thought.

The New Woman’s Survival Catalog
Primary Information’s tradition of reintroducing important underground publications to contemporary audiences is continued with The New Woman’s Survival Catalog. Originally published in 1973, the book is a collection of feminist materials that were produced during the ‘Second Wave’ of feminism, and includes information on anything from art organisations and bookstores to crisis centres and legal resources. A fascinating insight into the emerging cultural dialogues of the time.

Womens Work
Another re-publication by Primary Information (New York): Womens Work, a magazine whose two issues were published between 1975 and 1978, featured text-based and instructional scores by female artists. Many of the texts, which range from more conceptual, individual-based exercises to larger choreographic pieces for performance, are revisited here.