KangHee-Kim - Magic


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This is Korean photographer KangHee Kim's first photobook and presents her latest project, Street Errands from 2016. Once when KangHee was running errands on the street of New York, she hoped for exciting things to happen. Though things did not go as she wished, she realised that instead of waiting for miracles she could instead create the magical moments in her imagination. She started collaging scenes from her surroundings in Photoshop, creating surreal images. While Photoshop is widely used in commercial photography to refine details and make images look flawless, KangHee aims to achieve perfection in her eyes by rediscovering the possibility of merging two images. Since she is unable to travel abroad due to the restriction of her VISA status, modifying or even demolishing the scenes in the original photographs is her way to fulfil her desire for freedom. 

60 pages, 21.4 x 15.5cm, hardcover, Same Paper (Shanghai)