Lucas Blalock - Making Memeries


Making Memeries is a new artist’s book by Lucas Blalock. It is published on the occasion of a travelling installation of the same name, commissioned by Self Publish, Be Happy.

Born from an interest in exploring the shifting boundaries of virtual space in the contemporary world, Making Memeries is the first photobook of its kind to engage Augmented Reality. Featuring a new series of photographs by Blalock, each image in the book can be ‘activated’ via an app that is downloaded to readers’ mobile phones or tablets. AR technology expands the experience of each photograph using sound, 3D renderings and animation. Scanning a phone’s screen across the surface of each image brings it alive as pictures transform, push beyond their frame, or disappear. Each new spread becomes an interactive exercise in visual association, imagination and understanding. Making Memeries presents an incongruous experience, and arouses curiosity in viewers to question what is real and what is not in the world around them. Published by Self Publish Be Happy (London).

18 pages, 21 x 33 cm, hardcover (with app), Self Publish Be Happy (London).