Maxime Guyon - Toothbrushes


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Despite their very basic functions, toothbrushes typify a highly diversified, and often cryptic, universe. Design, terminology and features embedded in these everyday objects demonstrate recent technological developments. This applies in particular to optical fibres whose products sound almost supernatural. Starting from this observation, the goal of this book was to show how extrapolations are pivotal in the creation of a collective imagination. The principle adopted was to select and apply the enigmatic product descriptions made by optical fibre manufacturers to the toothbrushes photographed by Maxime Guyon. This substitution brings together two regimes of contemporary commodities that belong to radically different regimes but, in many aspects, share the same languages. Guyon (France) was the Foam Talent 2016 winner. His modernist, sharp and colourful images concentrate on technological evolutions in modern society. 

72 Pages, 19 x 14cm, softcover, Same Paper (Shanghai)