Nicholas Gottlund - Holding the Frame


This book follows Image is Imminent and conflates the past four years of work by the artist. The title Holding the Frame came to the artist while watching Agnes Martin’s film Gabriel. In her film, everything within the frame appears in near-constant motion while the camera is clearly hand held and also continually wavers. The book directly engages with Gottlund’s Beholder and Spanner works as well as the many recognized and more ad hoc tools of the print industry. In concert with his photographs and sculptural works, Gottlund has written an experimental text which is hacked, ripped and pieced together from other artist’s writings, design manuals, book reviews and press releases. The text has been reproduced at the end of the book. Published by Lodret Vandret (Copenhagen). 

208 pages, 24 x 28 cm, softcover, Lodret Vandret (Copenhagen).