Stef Heidhues - Trespassers Only


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Trespassers Only presents the work of Berlin-based artist Stef Heidhues. Inspired by the everyday world around her, Heidhues' art is about boundaries - especially their transgression, demarcations and the disregard for them, attributions and their redistribution. Heidhues' unconventional and unexpected use of common materials plays a central role in her sculptural practice: bicycle chains morph into flags, motorcycle helmets form ceramic models, steel, driftwood, latex tape and fabric form fences, barriers, and barricades, all in reference to the quick categorisation that occurs all to often throughout our society. Beautifully published by DISTANZ (Berlin), and arrives thanks to Books at Manic.
84 pages, 20 x 25.5 cm, hardcover, DISTANZ (Berlin).