Suzanna Zak - Sun + Soil / Moon + Dirt


Suzanna Zak's Sun + Soil, Moon + Dirt takes the form of a risograph-printed, bootlegged zine of the 2013 original (plus some random photographs that have snuck their way into the zine).

From Suzanna Zak to Shelter Press – May 20th, 2013:
I will be spending a lot of my Summer living in a tent in Northern Canada picking morel mushrooms. I will be living in the bush and won’t really have much access to internet / phones / etc etc. At first I wanted to give you guys writing before I left for this trip, however, I’m thinking at this point working on this poetry project on my off time during picking couldn’t be more appropriate. I have a decent amount written already but I think creating under the circumstances of living in the woods would be really nice. I’ll have time to focus on a solid grouping of works.

58 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, softcover, Shelter Press (St. Martin).