Colin Pantall - All Quiet on the Home Front


British photographer Colin Pantell's newest book All Quiet on the Home Front is a series of photographs taken between 2005 — 2017 of his daughter, Isabel. Through the pictures of Isabel it seems Pantell is searching for his own identity as a father and a photographer. The photographs themselves are remarkable in composition and colour and they show Isabel nearing the thrust of adolescence, through her father's eyes she's both innocent and supremely beautiful, enjoying what seems to be a carefree and dreamlike existence in the landscape surrounding Bath. Through interjections in the sequence Pantall inserts his own voice as a narrator: "I never really knew who I was. Then my daughter was born. And I became a father. And that is what I became." and "I got to the point where I knew who I was as a father." Published by ICVL Studio (Bristol). 

 112 pages, 20 x 25 cm, softcover, ICVL Studio (Bristol).