Johan Rosenmunthe - Tectonic


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Stones transcend human life and experience. They live on different time scales to humans, exist on other planets and fall from the sky to Earth. Both art and philosophy have looked upon the stone before (think Sartre’s nausea at pebbles on the beach) because they are compelling objects of alchemical weight.Tectonic is a mysterious and mesmerising exploration of Danish artist Johan Rosenmunthe’s own fascination with the power of stones, their symbolism, perceived healing powers, atavic beauty, weight, surface, age. The book is the culmination of a lifetime's investigation – each photograph a new study, looked at with geological perspective, nostalgia or scientific standpoint. Tectonic honours the golden ration of composition design, and the viewer is locked into triangles that allow the object an alluring ambiguity in its own right. Thanks to Self Publish Be Happy (London).