20/20 Vision


Published in conjunction with an exhibition at Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich, this compendium launches a biennial exhibition format that invites twenty curators to nominate one photographer who has received less attention for his/her work until now. Rather than show trends in photography, the book strives for an inspiring juxtaposition of various artists, experts, concepts, and techniques. Each curator (among them, Gabrielle Obrist, Duncan Forbes, Stefano Stoll, Louise Clements and Marloes Krijnen) contributes a brief and insightful introduction to the chosen artist, followed by examples of the artist’s work. Includes an essay by William A. Ewing. Published by  Sturm & Drang (Zurich).

144 p, 24 x 32 cm, paperback, Sturm & Drang (Zurich).