A. Schulze - Mirrors and Others


Thanks to a research grant, Andreas Schulze spent 2011 living in Paris. At some point, he visited the Louvre, let himself be swept up by the stream of tourists, looked at pictures, met an old friend and started to photograph his series Louvre, which became a reflection on the nature of image production in front of images, whose significance is granted by virtue of the famous exhibition location. In this new publication, which is separated into the chapters Text and Image, he writes about the feeling of stumbling around between images of torture, tenderness and all the humorous pictures in between. He also takes over the stage direction, de-contextualising media images in order to pair them in new groups of two. In the process, he develops his own grammar, promoting patterns and forms from one page to the next. Mirrors And Others arrives courtesy of Spector Books (Leipzig).

152 pages, 16 x 23.5 cm, softcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).