Albert Oehlen - In der Wohnung


In der Wohnung is a book about the long-standing tradition of representations of domestic interiors. Since antiquity, painting has played with the motif of the interior: the symbol of depth, evoked by every form of illustration. It has always been an important subject to Albert Oehlen, a German painter now based in Appenzell, Switzerland. In his latest collages, he works with source materials drawn from art history, transforming works by the likes of Vuillard and Dalí into pop art “panels”. Part of the series STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey, this book is a journey through Oehlen’s oeuvre, starting in the landscape and visiting reference paintings by Thomas Arnolds, Richard Artschwager, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Roy Lichtenstein et al along the way. Then we see a building in the landscape, rooms inside that building, and we have arrived for a tour of the Albert Oehlen exhibition In der Wohnung. Thanks to Edition Patrick Frey (Zurich).

128 pages, 24 cm × 32 cm, hardcover, Edition Patrick Frey (Zurich).