Alina Schmuch & Franca Scholz - LOSK: An Assembly of Shifting Spaces


Losk is the result of artists Alina Schmuch and Franca Scholz's journey to Sochi, on the Black Sea coast of Russia, to create a series of photographs in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics. The work traces strange objects in the urban space and the jarring juxtapositions that typify officially sanctioned gentrification. Losk (in Russian meaning 'glow' or 'sheen') focuses on the surface of Russian society and urban space: floors, interiors, pavings and facades, all imbued with the fantasy of wealth and importance, but also a subtext of poverty resonant of its socialist past. Thanks to Spector Books (Leipzig).

140 pages, 20.5 x 27.8 cm, Spector Books (Leipzig).