Andrzej Steinbach – The Apparatus


The Apparatus shows a photographer taking photographs. How to look at the subject, how the camera behaves in relation to the body, how the body-the locomotor apparatus-turns towards the object. The whole session is recorded in a laboratory situation: the figure wears different styles of clothing casual look and bullet-proof vest with helmet and moves on an office carpet between cuboid objects. Different places and scenarios with different meanings are simulated. Andrzej Steinbach's previous series Figure IFigure II and Society begins with three were more about appearance, the question of the legibility of signs, gestures, and the relations between the figures: here, in The Apparatus, the focus is on a storyline with a figure. It is the third, and for the time being, last part of Andrzej Steinbach's portrait series.

124 pages, 23 x 29.5 cm, softcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).