Anika Schwarzlose - Disguise and Deception


A special unit of the NVA (National People’s Army) in the former DDR was tasked with the production of fake weaponry and the development of camouflage techniques - an occupation they continued after the reunion of Germany. In Disguise and Deception, Anika Schwarzlose (DE. 1982) uses these practices as metaphors. With her photographs she navigates a world consisting of deception and illusion. The publication reflects on the nature of the image, on military and artistic strategies. The images speak about the relationship between originals and copies, camouflage and other illusionistic tactics. They refer to the Cold War and remind simultaneously on tactical aspects that are still current today. They raise questions about the interrelation of ethics and aesthetic; What is the relation between composition, form and colour to the content of an image.

The book combines 3 different categories of photographs: archival photographs from the army unit, photographs taken by Schwarzlose at the military workshops and photographs of tools and objects constructed by the artist. Published by Kodoji Press (Baden).

78 pages, 20 x 27 cm, softcover, Kodoji Press (Baden).