Anne Golaz - Corbeau


Part memoir, part tableau, Corbeau is a multi-layered narrative collage tracing life and death in the rural farm on which Swiss artist Anne Golaz grew up. Made over a twelve-year period and bridging three generations, the three-part book weaves together photographs, video stills and drawings, with texts by the author, screenwriter and playwright, Antoine Jaccoud, as well as the artist’s own writings. The protagonist of Corbeau is a young man seen in each chapter dutifully working on the farm. Gradually, however, his sense of duty appears to be instilled with doubt, a doubt that infuses the entire book. Corbeau, which takes its title from an enigmatic poem by Edgar Allan Poe, explores themes of time, life, destiny and death.

196 pages, 29 x 23 cm, Swiss-bound softcover, MACK (London)