Ari Marcopoulos - The Pope's Secrets


The Pope’s Secrets combines all the elements that Ari Marcopoulos has long dealt with in his practice, but then adds an element of design in which a series of horizontal images that follow each other could be read as rectangles that could be replaced by any other image or form of the same dimensions. Ari Marcopoulos (b. 1957) is an Amsterdam-born photographer and filmmaker, living and working in New York and California. As a photographer, film artist and adventurist, Marcopoulos – who began his career in New York City assisting Andy Warhol – transplants himself into the intimate lives of people living on the edge. Artists, snowboarders, musicians and skateboarders have been both muses and commercial subject matter throughout his quarter- century career as a photographer. Thanks to Nieves (Zurich).

72 pages, 16.5 x 24 cm, softcover, Nieves (Zurich).