BaTeŽo Ka MiKiLu - Zastávka


Zastávka means bus stop in Czech – an unromantic name for a young village that still lacks a centre, serving merely as a traffic hub for the surrounding towns. Zastávka, south of Brno, is not a place where anyone lingers. Instead, it is where you change buses and travel onward: an urban model prevalent throughout the world. The Czech artist Katêrina Šedáwas invited to Zastávka by a 15-year-old boy who goes to school there, but lives elsewhere. Together with five other students, she began a visual field research project that was presented in 2013–2014 at the exhibition At Sixes and Sevens at the Museum for Contemporary Art in Leipzig. Under the joint name BaTeŽo Ka MiKiLu, the six teenagers reproduced their Zastávka as a walk-through installation, now available in the form of a guidebook including commentaries and interviews with all the participants. Published by Spector Books (Leipzig).

190 pages, 16.5 x 25cm, softcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).