Bauhaus 8: Movement


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Bauhaus 8 is given over to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's annual theme for 2016: Movement. Its focus is on new departures in society, change and speed, migration and mobility as well as art and dynamism, architecture and performance, fancy and locomotor systems. In Bauhaus 8 we encounter Kandinsky on a bicycle, Moholy-Nagy's vision in motion, Paul Klee's overcoming gravity, Gropius's writing desk in exile, and Karla Grosch's programs of physical education at the Bauhaus as well as numerous other protagonists. The annual publication combines historical views with the contemporary positions of designers, artists, acrobats, choreographers, curators, and photographers. In the process it moves from the Bauhaus Building in Dessau to the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, to the festival stage at the Festival House Hellerau, to Lawn Road Flats in London, and other venues. A collection of essays, interviews, portraits, collages, illustrations, and artistic contributions. Text: Ross Anders, Regina Bittner, Paul Nolte, Gabi Schillig, Sasha Waltz. Published by Spector Books (Leipzig).

160 pages, 21 x 29 cm, softcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).