Bobby Doherty – Seabird


Bobby Doherty makes photographs that get to the point. At first glance, some of the photographs inSeabird feel gloriously oversimplified, objects and situations simmered down to their bare constituent elements; the clearest glass on the reddest tablecloth, the wettest dew on the softest leaf. Doherty is quick to embrace both the meaningful and meaningless of everyday life with equal measure: emotive, bucolic landscapes and portraits sit alongside city trash, animals, food and flowers. What comes out in the end feels like a photographic egalitarianism, where the tiny and the huge, the mundane and the sublime, shake hands across pages. Through Bobby’s camera the mud and mixture of the human and natural world are flattened and shimmer with wonder, joyful and unashamedly sentimental. Published by Loose Joints (London). 

224 pages, hardcover, 24 x 16 cm, Loose Joints (London).