Broken Music (Second Edition)


Broken Music is an essential compendium for records created by visual artists. The publication was edited by Ursula Block and Michael Glasmeier and originally published in 1989 by DAAD. Broken Music focuses on recordings, record-objects, artwork for records, and record installations made by thousands of artists between WWII and 1989.

It also includes essays by both editors as well as Theodor W. AdornoRené BlockJean DubuffetMilan KnizakLászló Moholy-Nagy, Christiane Seiffert, and Hans Rudolf Zeller, as well as a flexi disc of the Arditti Quartet performing Knizak’s Broken Music.” The centrepiece of the publication is a nearly 200-page bibliography of artists’ records.

Artists documented in this volume include: Vito AcconciLaurie AndersonJohn BaldessariJohn CageMerce Cunningham, Philip GlassJohn LennonSol LewittRichard Serra and more.

280 pages, softcover, 26 x 21 cm, Primary Information (Brooklyn).