Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-minded Retrospective


Published in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), this anthology, featured in two volumes, brings together for the first time all of the projects, articles and talks by British architect Cedric Price (1934 – 2003). A chronological arrangement places Price in postwar England, illuminating how cultural, social and political factors conditioned his work from the outset and then shaped its development as his practice changed from the 1960s to the 1990s. Full project descriptions are set alongside illustrations, many previously unpublished. Content material is drawn from the original work, now largely held in the Cedric Price Fonds at the CCA to present the munificence of Price: thinker, philosopher, artist and unparalleled raconteur – a thoroughly modern traditionalist. Brilliantly authored and edited by Samantha Hardringham. Thanks to AA Publications (London) & CCA (Montreal). 

912 and 512 pages, 31 x 24cm, hardback and paperback in custom-made slipcase