Chen Etang – No No No No Good Club


If one says living is a disaster, all we can do is barely make it through one day after another. And yet, we dig hard into the gaps that exist in our layers of reality to find small moments of novelty underneath. No No No No Good Club collects those crumbs that seem delightful or unpleasant, including photographs of malls, strangers, wedding banquets, walking dogs in parks, parties held spontaneously by the shore, abandoned houses, relatives and friends, gigs and so on, scenes that are not only Chen Etang’s inspiration but also his daily routine. Among this collection, these moments that were assembled and seized by the artist, most of them were just another exhausting day of our lives, plain and miscellaneous. But under the artist’s eyes, these bits and pieces were glowing through the cracks while depicting the outline of the lives of the times, in a passively positive way. Through the works of Chen Etang, No No No No Good Club showcases a world with fleeting tensions on the surface, where you could still find a satisfying spot for your own in the world we’re living in at this very moment. 

Etang Chen, born 1983, based in Taipei, Taiwan. In late 20s, he has become a self-taught photographer leaving his position as a vet. He not only works on various commissions but also focuses on several personal projects. By involving underground cultural scenes and by his far-range attention towards details of daily life, he has shaped a unique style in his works through his alternative eyes.

128 pages, 20 x 28 cm, softcover, dmp editions (Taipei).