Christin Irrgang & Ingolf Kern - The Bauhaus building in Dessau


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The first of this small, handy, paperback series to appear in English, The Bauhaus building in Dessau by Christin Irrgang & Ingolf Kern offers a practical overview of the famed Bauhaus building. Designed by Walter Gropius and built in 1926, it is the built manifestation of a revolution in design and education. Today, it is accepted worldwide as the ultimate symbol of 'white modernism'. But what is it that gives it its lasting stylistic influence? How did Gropius's play with transparency, lightness and colour achieve this? How was the building used, and how has it changed over the decades since its inauguration? Thanks as ever to the brilliant Spector Books (Leipzig).

175 pages, 10.6 x 14.6 cm, paperback, Spector Books (Leipzig).