Covergirl: Wespen-Akte


'A feeling between shock, grief, and anger; it has to do with my body, with losing control, with memory, the present, with time, powerlessness and outside control,' says photographer Tina Bara of the moment she saw a catalogue of Spanish artist Dora Garcia on her colleague’s desk. 'I recognised the photograph, I had become a nude cover girl.' 'I' in this case meaning a nude young woman with a black bar covering her eyes. For her work Rooms, Conversations Garcia had used several photos from the STASI archives, and incidentally a picture of Bara was selected as the cover of her catalogue. What was a random STASI photo of a nude woman with obscured eyes to Garcia, to Bara was her life. With Covergirl: Wespen-Akte Tina Bara and Alba d‘Urbano present an artistic reply to Garcia’s catalogue; a reply which reveals the story of the photographs.

291 pages, 16 x 23 cm, thread-sewn paperback, Spector Books (Leipzig).