Daisuke Morishita - asterisk


The debut book by Japanese photographer Daisuke Morishita is a reflection of the broader philosophical questions one may confront in life. The black and white images show daily occurances and at times dip into the surreal. Within asterisk Morishita's free-style approach to his photographic practise shadows the more metaphysical questions at play.

"Even if we are living in perplexing times and our hearts are sent hither and thither by confusing thoughts, our lives exist like a quiet prayer in some way. That kind of life cannot be violated by anyone. Should someone attempt to disrupt our existence, we must resist it at all costs. We must not consume ourselves or allow ourselves to be consumed. Our lives exist to draw close to something". 

Published by asterisk books (Tokyo). 

144 pages, 22 × 28 cm, hardcover, asterisk (Tokyo).