Daniela Comani - 1975: Diario di strada


In 1975, cars were made from metal, glass, some chrome and a bit of plastic. Base models were sold without radios. As a child in the 70s, Daniela Comani would list the cars that drove by when she was travelling with her parents. Forty years later she found one of her old notebooks: a planner from 1975 with her list of cars. She researched photographs of the cars that were on the road in the 70s, finding images selected by the manufacturers for brochures. Some of these are icons of the 70s and they define the spirit of the age, like the films, fashion and music of the time. This project is an interesting social and historical study on style in the pre-globalised world and, above all, a kind of self-portrait. Thanks to Archive Books (Berlin). 

104 pages, 18 x 12 cm, softcover, Archive Books (Berlin).