Do Sea Salt: The magic of seasoning


Do Sea Salt is the ultimate guide to sea salt from the founders of Halen Môn, the much-loved Anglesey Sea Salt Company in Wales.

What other ingredient beautifully enhances our food to make it magically taste more of the components themselves, and holds such value that the word for our yearly wage – salary - is named after it?

Do Sea Salt is a practical and inspiring guide that will change the way we think about salt and how we use it. You will discover how to properly season your food, the role that sea salt plays in our health, how to distil sea water to make your own salt, and essential recipes with a salty kick.

Understand the importance of this ingredient and learn how to use it properly. Make your food sing!

160 pages, softcover, 17.8 x 12 cm, The Do Book Co. (London).