Elisa van Joolen - 11" x 17"


Elisa van Joolen's 11" x 17" Reader is an ongoing project that examines and challenges the fashion industry’s prevailing value systems and proposes new methods of production. The project began in 2013 with a series of conversations with representatives of various fashion brands including G-Star, O’Neill,gsus sindustries, Rockwell by Parra, Converse,moniquevanheist and Nike. These companies then contributed by donating clothing and footwear, which van Joolen has then complemented with pieces of second-hand and no-brand clothing, applying a process of cutting out and reconstructing to become11”x17” Sweaters and Invert Footwear. 11”x17”creates a network, uniting different categories of clothing and different values within fashion – an eclectic mixture of mid-market, second-hand and high-end items. Beautifully designed and published by official Perimeter pals Onomatopee (Eindhoven).

104 pages, 28 x 23 cm, Onomatopee (Eindhoven).