Els Martens - Stek


‘Stek’ is a word that speaks of a certain space, or a certain spot in a certain space. In this book, Els Martens deals with a certain space through a series of photographs. By shifting the viewpoint gradually to the right, she invites us to truly enter the landscape, to scrutinise and discover it. However, by zooming in and out, she simultaneously challenges us to find solid ground, forcing a constant re-establishment of our own points of reference. How do we approach the surface of a landscape, rendered flat in an image, when there is no significant horizon, or when there are no trees for scale? Rocks, solid as they may be, are deceptive in size and therefore unreliable. Published by Art Paper Editions (Ghent). 

42 pages, 21 x 28 cm, softcover, Art Paper Editions (Ghent).