Erik van der Weijde - Foto.zine nr.5


Foto.zine nr.5 is the final installment in a series of zine collections by celebrated Dutch photographer Erik van der Weijde comprising five different issues.Lixo features rubbish baskets photographed at night.Motel sees images of Love Motels in the city. Buziosfeatures images of a beach town and its TV aerials.Fusca contains images of Volkswagen Beetles found on the streets of Natal. And Jardins sees images of the gated entrances of apartments in an affluent Sao Paulo neighbourhood. All of the photographs were taken by van der Weijde in Brazil. Photographs from Lixo were recently exhibited at Perimeter in van der Weijde's debut Australian exhibition. Thanks to 4478zine.

116 pages, 15 x 21 cm, softcover, 4478zine (Amsterdam).