Gerry Johansson - Antarktis


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In 2001, through a grant from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Gerry Johansson (b. 1945, Sweden) travelled to the inaccessible and distinct landscape of Antarctica on a research trip for two months. With him on the journey he had a large-format camera and his fearless curiosity. The series of photos eventuate in an unusual reality relevant perspective, and capture the astonishing non-distance relationship between physicality and nature. The series, now published in the stunning limited-edition book Antarktis, was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. Foreword by landscape architect Thorbjörn Andersson, LAR/MSA. Thanks to Libraryman (Stockholm).

64 pages, 24.5 x 30.5cm, hardcover, Libraryman (Stockholm).