Peter Hauser - Hello I Am Not From Here


The first book release by young Swiss photographerPeter Hauser shows his straightforward, analog black and white pictures of nature and urban landscapes that yield a distinctive observation of perceptual phenomena: rectangles float; shadows fall into hard-edge shapes; surfaces reveal patterns and unlikely grids. Photographer Edward Weston drew a distinction between making pictures to learn about the world and those that impose a vision upon it. It was his intention to make pictures, he once said, not as “an interpretation, a biased opinion of what nature should be, but a revelation — an absolute, impersonal recognition of the significance of facts.”. Peter Hauser's work is subscribing to this mantra. Published by Sturm & Drang (Zurich).

120 pages, 25 x 31 cm, hardback, Sturm & Drang (Zurich).