Higher Arc Issue 4


Sold Out

Higher Arc brings together high quality visual art, literature and commentary from Australia and abroad. Beautifully published, designed and executed as always, this issue was crowd-funded in late 2013. Featuring an outstanding array of contributors, artists and writers who otherwise may not have been published together, Higher Arc continues to push boundaries in content and design. Issue 4 features the high calibre work of Joshua Caleb Weibley, Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Derek Frech, Arend de Gruyter-Helfer, Scott McCulloch, Julian Murphy, Chad Wys, Louise Hearman, Jacqueline Rose, Sally Ross, David Reisman, Hutchison—Byng, Brent Harris, Ruth van Beek (whose work graces the cover), Charlie Hillhouse, Penny Hueston, Michael Farrell, Yuri Herrera, Yannick Haenel, Heinrich Mann, David McCooey, Robert Lax, Blake Butler, Evelyn Juers, Bram Presser, Daša Drndic, Margaux Williamson, Tom Lee, Daniel Ross, Antonio Tabucchi and RAED.

148 pages, 26cm x 19cm, softcover, Higher Arc (Melbourne).