Izaac Enciso - Symbols


Izaac Enciso’s series ‘Symbols’ recounts the Mexican born, L.A. based artist’s meandering walks through the sun-blanched urban environments of California and Mexico. Engaging with the incidental language of contemporary street photography, his photographs balance documentary, found sculpture and the impulse of the Situationist Dérive. Although momentary at first glance, his images oscillate between the experiences of the passerby and the active participant, hinting at interventions from the artist or the presence of unknown actors that have graced these stages. Naughts and crosses played on a dusty car, a Mickey mouse shaped cactus, household and astronomic items caught in suspension - 'Symbols' is a conversation in the fluid language of things and cities. Thanks to DDMMYY (Auckland). 

112 pages, 21 x 15 cm, softcover, DDMMYY (Auckland).