Jackson Eaton - Better Half


Better Half, the debut book by Perth-born Melbourne-based photographer, Jackson Eaton, tells a love story played in two parts over six years. The publication challenges the conventions of narrative by telling an intimate story that highlights both the power and failure of photography to impact personal change.Better Half (2007-2013) re-presents an earlier series of photographs – Were Never Married – of Jackson and his then South Korean girlfriend, alongside new photographs of Jackson’s father and his now South Korean wife in Perth, Australia. Made as a way of dealing with a sense of his father 'hijacking' his existence, the resultant photographic doubles feel simultaneously innocent and incorrect; in his introduction Dr. Robert Cook describes the project as ‘a new sea made from the old water’. Thanks to Pearce Press (Melbourne).

72 pages, 250 x 190 mm, hardcover, Pearce Press (Melbourne).