Janina Green - Blush


Blush is a sumptuous compile of the work of renowned Melbourne photographic artist Janina GreenThe obsessions and themes underpinning her work meander together in a dreamlike stream of consciousness to form a whole which is simultaneously delicate, intimate, sensual and faintly disconcerting. Green’s lyrical hand coloured portraits of young adults and images from the natural world sit beside her constructed photographs of domestic dysfunction and constructed narrative images dealing with childhood, motherhood, female friendship and fantasy. Running throughout are small punctuations of tiny moments of fragile beauty. The work in Blush is embedded within a profoundly feminine sensibility and animated by Green’s curiosity about the way the camera obfuscates or clarifies reality. Stunningly published by Helen Frajman's local M.33 imprint.

92 pages, 260 x 210 mm, hardcover, M.33 (Melbourne).