Jens Klein - The Applicants


The 179 passport photos in this book, taken between 1948 and 2012 and compiled by German artist Jens Klein, were included in scholarship applications submitted to the Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst e.V., a Protestant-run scholarship program founded in Germany in 1948. They show a cross section of the 8,000 or so people the Studienwerk awarded grants to during this period; as well as how the medium of photography has changed over the years: from black and white to colour, from elaborate studio shots to quick photo-booth pictures. In 2012 the Studienwerk introduced an online application process, bringing to an end the era of the analogue passport photo. Thanks to Spector Books (Leipzig).

376 pages, 25.7 x 19 cm, paperback, Spector Books (Leipzig).