Joanna Piotrowska - FROWST


Frowst, a series of carefully staged and uncomfortable family shots from Joanna Piotrowska, insists upon the fundamental anxiety at the heart of the family: its system of relationships, adamantine bonds that are equally oppressive and rewarding. Her images display intimate family scenes – cosily paired bodies, meeting and converging, in images which teeter on the verge of a dysfunctional moment. In one snapshot, two adult brothers lie together on a Persian carpet wearing only white briefs; in another, the black-clothed bodies of two embracing women merge, suggesting the atavistic overlap of mother and daughter. The title itself, which denotes a warm or stuffy atmosphere, captures the paradoxical nature of the family: frowsty spaces are simultaneously cosy and claustrophobic, intimate and airless. Thanks to MACK (London).

48 pages, 23.5 cm x 26.5 cm, hardcover, MACK (London).