Le Silence: Une Fiction


Curated by Simone Menegoi and Cristiano Raimondi and featuring 25 artists, Le Silence: Une Fiction imagines the world post-civilisation. Drawing on prints, glass plates, sculptures, slides, video stills and paintings, this 240-page volume examines the aesthetics of the contemporary sublime, be it via the spectacle of environmental disasters, economic collapse, architectural trace or the extinction of species. Published by the brilliant Mack Books (London).

Artists: Dove Allouche, Vladimir Arkhipov, Arman, Bartolomeo Bimbi, Maurice Blaussyld, Michel Blazy, Karl Blossfeldt, Brassaï, Peter Buggenhout, Carlos Casas, Romeo Castellucci, Lourdes Castro, Tony Cragg, Daniel Gustav Cramer,
 Geert Goiris, Jochen Lempert, Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre, Adrien Missika, Linda Fregni Nagler, Walter Pichler, Rudolf Polanszky, Pierre Savatier, Erin Shirreff, Michael E. Smith, Daniel Spoerri and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

240 pages, 20.2 x 28 cm, paperback, MACK (London).