Let’s start playing the game!


Presenting various perspectives by artists, designers and writers, this reader will try to guide you in understanding and approaching play as a synonym for social conduct and as practice for social intercourse. Thanks to Onomatopee (Eindhoven). 

Editorial / introduction by curator Freek Lomme
Authors: Florian Schneider, Freek Lomme, René ten Bos, Paul De Bruyne, Petra Van Brabandt, Laurence Scherz and Harvey Herman.
Artists: Heyheydehaas, Studio Julien Carretero, Thomas Lommée (in collaboration with Yorit Kluitman), Uglycute, Mireia c. Saladrigues, John Körmeling, Ryan Gander and Aurélien Froment.

144 pages, 9 x 15cm, softcover, Onomatopee (Eindhoven).