Lukas Wassman - W


Swiss photographer Lukas Wassmann's images meander between intimate snapshots, self-portraiture, landscaped nature, buildings and people, self-created furniture and commercial fashion or documentary photography. Perhaps this is the result of the realisation that the "things of life" often take place in secondary locations. This is about the in-between, not Wassmann's money shots. Wassmann assembles photographs taken between 2000 and 2018 that follow neither a temporal nor a thematic order. On the contrary, associative sequences of images are often followed by loose narratives in order to break off and perhaps pick up the thread again somewhere. Characters appear and disappear again, choreographies of forms replace colour analogies. What is left behind are not even concrete things, but rather atmospheric traces, a pictorial language of memory, moments from the stream of the consciousness of an author with a highly idiosyncratic photographic look.

116 pages, hardcover, 30 x 20 cm, Edition Patrick Frey (Zurich).