Martine Stig - Cauchy Horizons


Black holes have a ‘point of no return’ beyond which nothing comes back; not even light can escape. In physics these so-called outer and inner event horizons are considered gateways to the future and bridges into parallel universes. Martine Stig travelled to cities that are on the verge of transition and captured glimpses of the future with her camera’s eye. Each photo of Cauchy Horizons seems to be part of a database of images that can be classified according to its futuristic themes. Would it be possible to envision what lies beyond the matrix of visual culture? Or is this our own point of no return?Cauchy Horizons is an ‘investigation into the language of science fiction cinema’. It presents pictures taken in four cities ‘on the verge of transition to capture glimpses of the future. For the series Stig went to Tunis, Shenzhen, Geneva / CERN and Athens. Arrives courtesy of Kodoji Press (Baden).

112 pages, 24 x 16.6 cm, softcover, Kodoji Press (Baden).