Martino Marangoni – Rebuilding: My Days in New York, 1959-2018


As the son of an Italian father and an American mother, Martino Marangoni sailed to New York for the first time in the summer of 1959, to visit his American grandparents. He was nine years old, brought his first camera, and photographed the impressive skyscrapers. His fascination with the city brought him back almost every year. Not only he was there when the Twin Towers were being built, but he also happened to be there when they collapsed in 2001. 'Rebuilding' is a collection of images from Marangoni’s archive, covering 60 years. An intriguing testimonial of the fast changing city and street-life.

208 pages, 20 x 28 cm, softcover, The Eriskay Connection (Breda).