Matt Eich - Carry Me Ohio


Sold Out

Matt Eich is a photographer born and based in Virginia. His work centres on long-form photographic essays about the American Condition, and this, his first book, portrays just a single microcosm of a story familiar to many similar communities throughout the United States. The series portrays the lives of residents in various Ohio towns, like Carbondale and Mineral. Once booming coal mining communities, these places now reflect the desolate shadow of Appalachian poverty, their people hopeless and without a future, left with nothing but their cultural identity in the aftermath of extractive industry. The book includes an afterword by Eich, plus an insert with two essays. Published by Sturm & Drang (Zurich).

110 pages, 24 x 24 cm, hardback, Sturm & Drang (Zurich).