Michael Borremans - Fixture


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Published in conjunction with an exhibition of work by the Belgian visual artist Michaël Borremans at CAC Málaga, this catalogue offers an exemplary overview of his refined style, which draws upon the long Flemish tradition of figurative painting, as well as works by Velázquez, Manet, Degas, and Chardin. In so doing, he reflects the respective history of the techniques he employs, characterised by sombre hues, ambiguity, and deep psychological undertones. Featuring 35 paintings from the last fifteen years, selected in collaboration with the artist, it provides a window into a personal and unsettling world populated with still lifes and close-ups of human figures. Thanks to  CAC Málaga ( Málaga). 

142 pages,19 x 24 cm, hardback, CAC Málaga (Málaga)